Tickle Your Tastebuds

The Stache



*Breakfast Sandwiches and Vegetarian dishes served at some events*

Served with your choice of one of our daily side dishes

The “No-Flaws”
A classic pulled pork sandwich topped with our creamy coleslaw and chipotle aioli on a fresh bun

Tropical Crunch
A fresh bun layered with pineapple sauce, marinated coconut pork, cream cheese, topped off with a crunchy twist

Fish Tacos
Two soft tacos filled with lightly breaded cod, creamy coleslaw, tomatoes, chipotle aioli, our secret stache sauceand topped off with a touch of hot sauce

Coconut Tacos
Two soft tacos filled with marinated coconut pork, spinach, tomatoes, topped off with our secret stache sauce

Fu Manchu Tacos

Two soft tacos stuffed with pulled pork, creamy coleslaw, drizzled with chipotle aioli